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Bas Boon in Pulp Crime Drama

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Bas Boon in Pulp Crime Drama
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Filmproducent Bas Boon van Golden Glory pakte met Bad Guys in april 2008 op het achtste jaarlijkse Internationale Beverly Hills Film Festival drie prijzen, namelijk voor Best Actor, Best Picture en Best Film.

Kate del Castillo speelt in dit Pulp Crime Drama de hoofdrol als 'drugs dealing' advocaat. Naast haar is UFC kampioen Quinton Jackson te bewonderen.

Boon co-produceerde Bad Guys  met de bekende filmproducent Frederico Lapenda met wie hij ook een 24 uurs vechtsportkanaal ontwikkelt.

Door het succes op het  International Beverly Hills Film Festival hebben Boon en Lapenda meerdere filmproducties in ontwikkeling, waaronder Fight Game met K-1 ster Sem Schilt en Chalid Arrab. Het wachten is nu op de release van Transporter 3 met Jason Statham in de hoofdrol en Sem Schilt als belangrijke bijrol.

Op de volgende pagina het volledige persbericht, in het engels.


Dutch producer  Bas Boon with Frederico Lapenda wins big at the 2008 Beverly Hills Film Festival “Film Bad Guys”  Best Picture, Best Lead Actor,  Best Producer and The Viewers Choice Award.

It was less then three years ago when the article “From Head butts to Hollywood” came out. When two fight managers/promoters Bas Boon ( ) and Frederico Lapenda went from fight managing ( ) to producing movies in Hollywood. After movies “How it all went down”, shut up and shoot and Blonde and Blonder ( a light comedy with Pamela Anderson and Denise Richards, see photo Frederico and Pamela), the biggest surprise came with  “Bad Guys”

Kate del Castillo ignites the screen with her smouldering sexuality.

“Bad Guys” is a character driven crime master piece that keeps you guessing until the last scene. Kid Pelegro ADCC News

“UFC” Champion Quinton The Rampage Jackson is a natural actor who brings a dangerous and intimidating quality to his role. Todd Hestor Bold Magazine USA

Fight  promotors Bas Boon and Frederico Lapenda in the Hollywood Film business with their film Bad Guys, another success story for Bas Boon!

Budoworld Germany magazine


For three years the young producers have been working on the film and it was time to release their masterpiece “ Bad Guys” a crime pulp fiction drama in the style of snatch and reservoir dogs. An intelligent film which includes  humor, action and a darkly captivating story.

Kate del Castillo who played the leading roll in Bad Guys also plays the leading roll in the film Under the Same Moon, this film broke all records for a Spanish actress in America (

 This is what Frederico and Bas were waiting for. At the same time Quinton Jackson became the  UFC champion!  Quinton showed he has a natural ability to act in this movie.  Art La Fleur supporting actor had just played a big roll in La Vie en Rose. The timing was perfect!

The film Bad Guys was accepted at the 2008 Beverly Hills Film Festival.

Bas Boon likes flying (If he does not he tortures himself), when the film was produced in 2005 he had to fly in between the shootings to Paris, were he acted as a corner and manager ( ) for Semmy Schilt to win the Paris GP K-1 title. He then flew back to LA, to the movie set. Bas returned to the film set from Paris with one of Golden Glory’s ( ) top fighters Chalid Arrab (now a father with Jorinda de Mol who was a famous Dutch TV announcer), see photo set Bad Guys with suitcase of cash) Chalid was impressed and signed up for the Bad Guys  sequel!

I remember the problems one can face when producing a film. One  actor a famous Hollywood actor was present the first week on set. Then the second week on Monday he was a no show. No call from his agent not a word! Tuesday no actor, so we had to improvise as we heard that the actor did an eight ball (the term of doing a lot of coke) on the weekend,. We then had to reshoot all the scenes of the first week we filmed -  the scene’s first played by the coke head. That is bad for the moral of such a movie, so Frederico and Bas Boon (see photo) boost up the moral and came with replacement actor Art de La Fleur, who ended up doing a much better acting job then the first hired “ famous” drug abuser.

Not only the moral was a test of the crew and actors , the wallets from Bas Boon and producer Lapenda took a serious hit. One week delay!!! Reshooting all the scene’s , hiring more  studio time, actors who already had taken another job upon our first schedule which was going end later now.

I guess we found out why the famous actor was for hire and we thought we had done a great deal, welcome to Hollywood.

The movie “ Bad Guys” was excepted at the 2008 Beverly Hills Film Festival and on April 9th  the movie Bad Guys opened the festival.

Bas and Frederico now had experience with movies and much experience with TV.  However this was different, you are on the red carpet with actors like Danny de Vito , Erick Roberts to name a few.  (see photo red carpet Bas with fiance Lindsay and actor Quinton Jackson and Sherman Augustus). The after party was at the Roosevelt hotel in Beverly Hills.

Bas Boon arrived at the party just after the premiere and left 5 minutes later, it was time to pack to fly from LA to Tokyo as Semmy Schilt was defending his K-1  title against Marc Hunt on April 13th. History repeats itself, as when the Bad Guys movie was shot Bas was flying to Paris with Semmy. On april 10th at 7 pm Boon arrived at the hotel in Tokyo Japan, there was a press conference at Fuji TV and the day after that another big day a very big day. Semmy defended his title with great success as he knocked out mark Hunt with a spinning back kick to the liver in the first round. Still undefeated in three K-1 GP and K-1 heavyweight belt titles Semmy Schilt!

I remember that day calling my partner Frederico, asking if he had any news about the 2008 Beverly Hills Film Festival awards ( April 13th, which has always been my lucky number to Bas). Frederico told me that these was a lot of time difference but he would inform me as soon as he heard anything. After  breakfast that morning at the Keo plaza Hotel in Tokyo I got a text message. Bad Guys won best picture ( )” click press release”!!! I called him, but Frederico was still at the awards ceremony. Thirty minutes later I get another text message, Sherman lead actor in Bad Guys won best actor, then 10 minutes after that another text message: Bad Guys Frederico Lapenda (see photo with awards) wins best producer and the viewers choice award!!!

While being there in the lobby at the Keo Plaza Hotel, I celebrate with my fiancé,  who always travels with me wherever I go, but the celebration was cut short.... as the telephone was ringing, Semmy Schilt had to fly immediately to Marseille France “after he returns to Holland” somebody tells me in the conversation. He has a big part in the film transporter 3 (we had been in negotiations for the movie before Semmy went to Japan, but there was to little time before his fight to go to the film set. So Semmy went to Marseille France after he returned home on the 14th of April, cancelled a seminar in Holland the 18th of April and I rescheduled his flight directly from Marseille to Bucharest were he scheduled a seminar during the weekend from the 19th to the 21st. Semmy will be acting side by side with Jason Statham (Italian Job, Brazilian Job, Snatch, War with Jet Li, Crank just to name a few).

All the arrangements I made for Semmy were done from Thailand , as my fiancé and I took a plane there on the 14th of April  the day after the fight in Tokyo, to meet people for a new movie project “The Retribution”. Bas Boon also owns Nikko Toshogu Sports (logo Nikko photo) for 25 years Nikko ( ) is the leading fighting store in Europe, in Thailand specially made gloves and other products are made now, the choice of champions!

 The same day in Thailand when I arranged Semmy’s flight schedule to go to the movie set of transport 3 in Marseille, I am delegating from a phone in my hotel room and Skype on my lap top: the release date of the K-1 DVD series 1 -  18 with the entire history of K-1 fights from 1993 to present day co produced  by Bas Boon. Now I am trying to reschedule my flights as the K-1 Amsterdam event is April 26th in the Ajax Soccer stadium.” Another day at the office as a producer,” 

We at Golden Glory are all very happy for Semmy  to get a major part in a big budget film. This is just the beginning for Golden Glory fighters who will also be seen in movies produced by Bas Boon and Frederico Lapenda.

Golden Glory ( )stands for a great fighting team ) stands for the following: Ramon Dekkers and Rob Kaman presented a huge torch with the golden glory symbol. They gave this to the Golden Glory team, to give their fighting spirit on to the new generation. It was a very emotional and electrifying moment. Golden Glory (two GG in red and yellow, see photo) means the following: The red G stands for blood/life power and the yellow G stands for fire/fighting spirit, the black Japanese writing in the middle means energy/strength all of these elements represent  an elite fighting team. 

Our BHFF awards will be fedexed to Holland -  pictures with the awards will be posted asap.

 Normally I would have taken a flight back to Hollywood to be there with Frederico, just to feel the moment. It’s a shame that I could not dulpicate myslef so I could be in two places at once. However I am very happy with Semmy defending his title success.

 The phone has not stopped ringing after the great success of the 2008 Beverly Hills Film Festival. The movie was screened by Sony, Lions Gate, the Weinstein’s just to name a few. The offers for producing new movies are coming in. It is the beginning of a dream of two very dedicated hard working producers, who are making their way from being fight promoter/managers to the top of Hollywood!!!

Bas Boon and Frederico Lapenda are currently preparing a 24 hour fighting channel  called Combat Channel ( see logo)  The Combat Channel currently holds a thousand hours of fight content and the production team is continually producing fight events around the world.

Story by Bas Boon and Lindsay Muro archieve photo’s by: Bas Boon (Goldenglory) and Crosby Group more info Dit e-mailadres is beschermd tegen spambots. U heeft Javascript nodig om het te kunnen zien. .
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